Letter to the Editor: Isabella Alfano reached a new low for Morris County Politics


Dear Editor:

My name is Ray Tahan. I have been a good friend of Heather Darling for many years and am also the President of the Rockaway Republican Club. I thought I had seen it all in politics, but the mean spirited and deeply personal attacks against Heather, by her opponent Isabella Alfano is a new low for Morris County.

I would like to set the record straight, since I was named in her attacks. Alfano’s entire campaign is nothing more than a distraction from her complete and utter lack of qualifications to be our Surrogate. From attacking Heather in a personal manner, to dragging Sheriff Rochford and myself into this, she has acted in a manner completely unbecoming of an elected official, or even a candidate worthy of consideration.

Further disqualifying her is the fact that she is also lying to the people of Morris County. She claims to have experience in Trusts and Estates by virtue of working for a specific employer when in reality she only worked in the travel department handling accounts payable. She confirmed to me she parted ways with the employer about a week before she entered the race and is currently unemployed. She has no bachelors or law degree or anything in her background that would lead a logical person to conclude that she would make a good Surrogate.

I know Heather to be a good and decent person, who is running for Surrogate to help the most vulnerable among us. She will work tirelessly and be a champion for the elderly and those with special needs and continue to be a constant presence in the community at events. I hope you will join me in voting for Heather Darling on Tuesday, June 4th.

Ray Tahan
Rockaway Township
May 24, 2019