Voters could decide on preservation of historic churches

Senator Anthony Bucco

MORRIS COUNTY — Churches and temples are some of the most historic and identifiable buildings in our communities. Efforts to save some of these structures for future generations have in the past been aided by money from historic preservation trust funds established by the counties where they are located.

A recent decision by the state Supreme Court, however, prevented the award of this trust fund money for historic preservation of twelve churches in Morris County.

Assemblyman Anthony Bucco has introduced a resolution (ACR235) proposing a constitutional amendment allowing the use of historic preservation trust fund money to continue to preserve these historic religious buildings.

“The proud places of worship that dot the state landscape have great historic significance to our towns and residents,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “Some of these structures played significant roles in our history. It is critically important to provide a mechanism for the counties to continue to provide funding from our historic preservation trust funds to preserve these historic structures. Without the ability to fund necessary repairs, we run the risk of losing these historic buildings forever, causing a negative impact on our communities.”

Bucco’s resolution is the first step in placing the constitutional amendment on the ballot. The amendment would require approval from the voters at a general election.