NJ Teen Concert Series Comes to Hanover Township Day


HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Back by popular demand, The New Jersey Coalition 4 Education and positive choices, in conjunction with the Hanover Township Recreation Department and the Hanover Park Regional District present an afternoon, celebrating the arts, Saturday, September 7, at Hanover Township Day.

This unique opportunity is part of the the NJC4EPC Teen Concert Series, and is open to all young musicians and artists in the Hanover Park Regional District to display their talents to the community. Space is limited, however they will accommodate all performers.

Last March, so many singers, dancers, ensembles and creative entertainers took the stage with superior sound and lighting, for an amazing display of talent. They expect this fall’s line up to bring the same energy and enthusiasm.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome. More details about registration are on the way, the event begins at 1:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon. For now save the date, and tell your friends.

The New Jersey Teen Concert Series is a great way of showcasing talent and celebrating the great things local youth are creating. Do not miss out on this great community day.

The New Jersey Coalition 4 Education and Positive Choices is an action and result-oriented team, including educators, law enforcement agencies, elected officials, athletic organizations, parents, musicians and business owners, working together to unite our communities in offering positive choices to our youth.