Mickey Chopra selected “Chef of the Year Award”


Mickey Chopra

BOONTON — Boonton restaurant owner, Mickey Chopra has been selected to be a Grand Royal Patron and bestowed with “Chef of the Year Award” 2019 at Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) India Day parade in New York City to be held on Sunday, August 18.

Parade starts at 12:00 Noon from 38th Street and Madison Avenue with the award ceremony following 2:30 p.m. at Cultural Stage on 24th Street.

There will be a lot of Indian cuisine from different regions and cultural programs. Please come  and show your “Support Our Troops and Salute our troops.

Chopra is the owner of I2I Indian Italian Fusion Restaurant located at 408 Main Street, Boonton. He is also the owner of Vinnie’s Pizzeria & Ristorante, 406 Main Street.