Hanover resident needs your help


HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it knocks you off for awhile. You get sick for a time, you lose your job or your furnace gives way and needs replacing. These types of curve balls, when they take place impacts us in different ways. It takes us time to get back up. But you do get back up. However, once in a while, you get many curve balls and getting back up becomes harder and that’s when you need a leg up.

This is the situation that Alan and Kathy Macdonald find themselves in.

Alan Macdonald passed away on Sunday, September 1. He’s a longtime resident of Hanover Township, along with his wife Kathy. This gofundme was created after they ended up in tens of thousands of medical debt, but the dollars have hardly gone away and now she has funeral expenses to contend with when she should be just focusing on what comes next. Any or all donations are appreciated.

All their lives they have made it a point to manage their financials well. They have just had too many curve balls. Getting up has been a struggle to a pace that has been debilitating and they need our help to get back up.

Alan and Kathy lost their jobs many times these past few years and found new jobs. But lately, only Kathy has found a part-time job with no health insurance.

Alan, however, had cancer and gone through chemo and had many hospitalizations these past few years. Too many that he has lost his job.

In parallel, because of the many medical curve balls, Kathy is struggling to pay down medical bills and credit card debt due to the many past critical medical procedures and hospitalizations they have had to put on credit because of not having appropriate coverage.

They are at a point that she truly needs help. Click here to donate through GoFundMe.