Preferred Business Systems launches new business unit focused exclusively on law firms


HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Preferred Business Systems, Inc. announced the expansion of their technology services portfolio with the launch of a legal-focused division named Active Trust IT.

Active Trust IT is designed to provide small to mid-sized law firms specialized services and support focused on the unique challenges law firms face today. In addition to core technology and services offerings such as document management and IT services, Active Trust IT has partnered with LEAP, a leader in Legal Practice Management technology as well as their shared partner ConnectSmart and is the exclusive provider of PrintSmart and CallSmart for LEAP.

PrintSmart for LEAP is the only automated tools for Cost Recovery and Scan direct to matter. PrintSmart allows LEAP clients to automatically scan documents to clients matters in one action. It will even OCR the documents making them text searchable while automatically allocating costs to a matter for print, copies, scans and faxes.

CallSmart for LEAP, coming soon, is the only phone add-on for LEAP Legal Software clients. It allows for easy call logging by automatically allocating them to the corresponding matter for easy cost recovery.

In addition to PrintSmart and CallSmart for LEAP, Active Trust IT offers managed IT services including managed workstations, data backup, email hosting, security, and more.

Rich Campbell, Owner of Preferred Business Systems, Inc, said: “We are excited to continue to build upon the services we are able to offer our legal customers. Our collaboration with LEAP Legal Software and ConnectSmart is going to provide law firms a more efficient and productive way to manage critical areas of their practice.”

Ori Segall, IT Manager, said: “I am so pleased with our partnerships with Leap Legal and ConnectSmart! PrintSmart is the only automated software for cost recovery and automated scanning solution for Leap. These offerings are going to give law firms and their staff powerful automated productivity tools that will help drive efficiency and enhance cost recovery revenue within their practice. We are extremely excited about the launch of Active Trust IT and look forward to bringing great services to law firms across the nation!”

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