Township of East Hanover to hold Tax Sale


EAST HANOVER — Kenneth Huelbig, Collector of Taxes of the Township of East Hanover, pursuant to the authority of the Statutes in such cases made and provided will sell at Public Auction, liens on the several tracts and parcels of land herein specified, at an on-line auction.

For a listing of all parcels, delinquencies, cost, and bidding rules and instructions please click here. Information can be viewed free of charge. The sale will be closed at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 5.

This is a sale of Tax Sale Certificates, and Tax Sale Certificates only.  Said lands will be struck off and sold to such persons as will purchase the same, subject to redemption at the lowest rate of interest, but in no case in excess of 18% per annum.

All persons wishing to participate must make full payment in the form of cash, certified check, money order or wire transfer only.

The amounts listed below are for the year of 2018 and are inclusive of all interest and costs applicable as computed through December 5, 2019.

Block Lot Qualifier Owner Amount Type Property
42 50 MERRICK REALTY, LLC 345.27 Water

20 DeForest Avenue

96 47 C2908 Berger, Janet M 1,314.61 Tax 16 Claire Court