Wirths blasts legislation as an affront to law-abiding citizens


MORRIS COUNTY — Assemblyman Hal Wirths said legislation granting parolees and probationers the right to vote (A5823) and providing student financial aid to prisoners (A3772) is an insult to New Jerseyans who follow the laws and get stuck picking up the tab. Wirths also criticized a bill that would appropriate money to Planned Parenthood (A5802) calling it immoral and fiscally irresponsible to grant money to an organization that turned down federal funding.

“We should be so ashamed of ourselves that we weren’t worried about the victims at all today and now we’re not worried about the unborn. All the bills for the convicted criminals, who didn’t get there by being boy scouts and girl scouts, they got there by doing bad things. Everything today was benefiting them and now we’re going to fund this. It’s really a sad day in Trenton today and I will be a strong no,” said Wirths (R-Sussex).