Pennacchio Welcomes Changes to Independent Contractor Legislation

Says Amendments Must Address Concerns Raised by Freelancers

Sen. Pennacchio said amendments to independent contractor legislation are needed to protect the interests of freelance workers

MORRIS COUNTY — Senator Joe Pennacchio welcomed word that changes would be made to legislation that had threatened to devastate the State’s thriving gig economy and the workers who rely on it.

Proposed legislation (S4204) threatened to reclassify independent workers as employees. After statewide reaction to possible devastating consequences, the Senate President announced his intention to amend the legislation to limit the impact on freelancers.

“A lot of hard-working people dodged a bullet here. I commend the Senate President for listening to the pleas of service providers, ranging from delivery drivers to highly skilled professionals, who enjoy the freedom, autonomy, and opportunity of working when they want, where they want.

“It’s not the American Way, or the role of the New Jersey Legislature, to interfere with the people’s rights to determine what type of career or work they can pursue. The astounding growth in jobs is proof the gig economy is working, and in a State known for mistreating business, it’s best that Trenton keeps its hands off.

“We have the least business friendly state in the nation, and things like this are why we are ranked 50th out of 50, and why so many people are moving out of the New Jersey.

“As this measure evolves and moves through the Legislature, we must remain vigilant to ensure independent contractors are protected.