Statement on First Congressional Judiciary hearing on impeachment

Senator Joseph Pennacchio. File Photo

MORRIS COUNTY — Senator Joe Pennacchio “Statement on First Congressional Judiciary hearing on impeachment”

Lacking any credible witnesses that can point to a “ high crime or even a misdemeanor ,“ that President Trump committed, Chairman Nadler and his Democrat acolytes chose to call up four college professors to make a case for impeachment. (Three actually) It has become painfully transparent that the Democrats lack the skill or evidence to make an honest case against the President for impeachment themselves. The results after 8 hours of testimony was a reinforcement of a big nothing burger. The narrative of the day by the Congressional impeachment mob was that, what Democrats lack in substance,  they will make up with speed. Nadler fears that going into next years election they must rid themselves of Trump less heaven forbid he runs and wins again. A quick and predetermined guilty decision will save American voters from themselves. In a sad way we should be thankful to Nadler, Schiff, and even the wicked process itself. Americans are seeing for themselves what hyper partisan politics is capable of doing. How destructive to Democracy it can be. What they see they are not liking.