Bucco Calls on Murphy to Sign Bipartisan Tax Filing Bill, Help NJ Taxpayers

Senator Anthony Bucco

MORRIS COUNTY — Senator Anthony M. Bucco urged Governor Murphy to sign legislation extending the New Jersey tax filing deadline to June 30.

“The coronavirus has disrupted normal life. Workers who had stable jobs suddenly find themselves unable to make a living due to necessary restrictions ordered by the governor to slow the spread of the disease,” said Bucco (R-25). “Businesses have shut down, and people are worried. The current deadline is April 15, just three weeks away. The extension is warranted and necessary, especially for taxpayers who may end up owing a tax payment to the state.”

Bucco sponsors A-3841/S-2300, one of more than two dozen bipartisan coronavirus bills passed by both houses last week. The measure automatically relaxes filing deadlines for State Income Tax and Corporate Business Tax to match any extension of the federal government’s tax filing deadline, but to no later than June 30, which is the last day of the State’s fiscal year.

Last week, the IRS announced a three-month delay of the national income tax filing deadline, to July 15.

“With all the disruptions and stress resulting from this pandemic, it’s prudent to ease the tax-filing burden on people who are dealing with this unprecedented situation,” Bucco noted.

“Extending the State deadline gives filers more time to complete their returns, and more importantly, it provides additional time for those that will have a balance due. The Legislature recognized the critical need for this relief. By signing my bill, the Governor can give taxpayers a break from having to deal with the rapidly approaching state filing deadline and eliminate another worry during this extremely stressful time.”