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Motor Vehicle Commission Delays Reopenings

MORRIS COUNTY — New Jersey Division Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has delayed its June 29 reopening of agencies for in-person transactions for another week. Road testing, however, will resume at licensing centers, and inspections stations will be fully operational on Monday, June 29. Vehicle Centers and Licensing Centers will open to the public Tuesday, July 7.

MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton explained that the one-week delay is needed to perform final testing of its new text notification system, which is intended to reduce the number of people waiting at agencies while their transactions are being processed.

“We intended to rely on our new text notification system to check people in, then allow them to leave the building and go elsewhere. Unfortunately, this new system requires further testing, so we will not be able to open as fully as we anticipated on June 29,” Fulton said in a statement. “Without the text notification system, the number of people waiting for transactions who will need to be on-site will far exceed capacity limitations. We have said that the health and safety of our customers and employees is our first priority; therefore, we cannot put people in this situation.”

While road testing will be conducted on June 29, those who successfully complete the test will have to wait to get their new licenses until July 7 — when they will be given access to “Road Test” express lanes at every licensing center, Fulton said.

In addition, during July, agencies will be closed on Monday to allow for “health and safety assessments” of its facilities as they continue to expand their services, she said.

Starting July 7, designated “licensing centers” will be processing new licenses and permits, out-of-state transfers, and Real ID for those whose appointments were canceled.

Starting July 7, designated “vehicle centers” will be adding individual registration and title transactions.

Click here for a list of the 23 licensing centers and 16 vehicle centers, including the types of transactions handled at each type of facility.

Most licenses, IDs, registrations and other documents scheduled to expire between March 13 and July 6 have been extended to July 31 or later. Transactions that can be done online will not be available in person until further notice.

For more information on MVC, services click here.

Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
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