Donovan Russo: Author of “Steven’s War”

Donovan Russo

Donovan Russo

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Local resident Donovan Russo wrote the book, “Steven’s War.”

At the moment, Donovan is pursuing an MBA at Seton Hall University to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Management, writing a book for New Degree Press, and producing a new short film titled, “Unbearable”!

Donovan’s three favorite activities are writing screenplays, producing short films, and playing the piano.

He is the author of Steven’s War. He wrote this book because he absolutely loves the comic book-superhero genre and wanted to write something that could serve as his love letter to the industry and to its incredible community of fans.

His hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover who Steven Cahill really is and that this narrative is about far more than fighting bad guys. He wants you to see this book as an opportunity to engage with themes of masculinity, heteronormativity, and socioeconomic activity.

Steven’s War speaks to comic book lovers and young adult lit enthusiasts who want to grapple with heroism and humanism in a new exciting way.

Ultimately, Donovan hopes that Steven’s War inspires reflection and fruitful dialogue, pressing into engaging questions like:

How does Steven Cahill and his antagonist Frank Paine relate to each other and how do they relate to you, the reader?

How does Salem City shed more light on the barriers that people in underprivileged areas have to overcome?

How does Steven’s vigilante acts resemble some of the social justice movements we have seen over the last few months?

The book is published by New Degree Press.

Steven’s War is based in Salem City, corrupted by gangs, stricken with poverty, and a place where hope goes to die. But when war veteran Steven Cahill takes a stand against the crime that has defined his city, the very evil he is trying to stop begins to notice. “Steven’s War” intersects themes of masculinity, heteronormativity, and socioeconomic activity in a comic-drama thriller that shares the story of a closeted man who is trying to avenge his past demons.