Three Seats Open on County College of Morris Trustee Board


MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County residents interested in serving on the County College of Morris (CCM) Board of Trustees are invited to send their resumes to a special trustee search committee of the Morris County Board of County Commissioners.

Resumes must be received by the search committee by August 27, 2021. The committee will review all the applications and then submit recommendations to the Morris County Board of County Commissioners, who will make the appointments.

Morris County is seeking to fill three board seats. One appointment is to fill a vacant, unexpired term that expires on October 31, 2023.  The other two appointments are to fill two four-year terms, which terms will begin on November 1, 2021.

The two sitting trustees must reapply by the August 27 deadline if they wish to be considered for reappointment.

To qualify for consideration by the search committee, a candidate must be a resident of Morris County for at least four years, and may not hold a current elected office in Morris County or be an employee of Morris County government or CCM.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate independent judgment, distinction in their profession, knowledge of higher education, involvement in their community, and a firm commitment to serving the college. A candidate must be willing to commit at least 20-30 hours a month to his or her duties as a college trustee to be considered for appointment.

Duties of trustees include appointing, supporting, and evaluating the college president; clarifying and, if necessary, revising the college’s mission statement, ratifying long-term plans, approving the college’s educational program, ensuring fiscal viability, and maintaining the college’s physical plant.

The CCM search committee requests a resume and a background statement from each applicant outlining why he or she wishes to serve as a trustee and what specific skills the applicant would bring to the board.

The County College of Morris Board of Trustees is composed of 11 Morris County residents from business, education, law, and other professional fields, who volunteer their services in four-year terms.

By statute, eight members are appointed by the Morris County Board of County Commissioners, and two members are appointed by the governor. The Morris County Superintendent of Schools is also a member of the Board by statute. One non-voting CCM graduate member is elected for a one-year term by each year’s graduating class. In addition, the CCM President serves as an ex-officio member.

The Board of Trustees sets policy and has final authority over budgets and expenditures, and the president is responsible for internal administrative operations.

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