Sheriff James M. Gannon Announces Promotions of Two Sergeants

Sheriff James M. Gannon with Sergeant Ed Zienowicz

MORRIS COUNTY — Sheriff James M. Gannon announces the promotions of two Sergeants for the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.  Corporal Frank Benevento and Detective Edward Zienowicz were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Both officers will be assigned to the Court Services Division.  The officers were promoted in a ceremony held on September 24, 2021, in the Historic Courtroom of the Morris County Courthouse with family and colleagues present.

Sheriff James M. Gannon began the ceremony by saying, “These promotions are the result of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and most of all, leadership that both of these individuals have demonstrated.  Leadership is a combination of honorable character and selfless service to the public and our agency.”

Sergeant Frank Benevento with Sheriff James M. Gannon

Sergeant Frank Benevento Jr. graduated from West Orange High School.  He comes from a law enforcement family with his father, Frank Benevento, retiring as a Captain from the Orange Police Department, and his uncle, Anthony Benevento retired as the Chief of Orange Police Department and later retiring as Police Director of Wallington Police Department.  Additionally, his brother-in-law, John Rolli, is a Lieutenant with the West Orange PD, and his cousin, Anthony Benevento, is a Morris County Correctional Police Officer.

Sergeant Benevento began his career serving the public with the United States Postal Service and later became a Correctional Police Officer working at the Morris County Correctional

Sergeant Benevento began his Bureau of Law Enforcement career in the Protective Services Division, assigned to the Access Control Section. Then in February 2006 he was assigned to the Process Section of the Court Services Division and was provided the title of corporal in April 2014. Throughout his career with the Bureau of Law Enforcement, he has been closely involved with PBA Local 151 and proudly served as NJSPBA State Delegate for PBA Local 151 from September 2015-November 2018.

In addition to his work life, Frank is a loving father of four children: Frank, Jessica, Nick, and Vincent; and enjoys watching his son’s sporting events and playing softball.

Sergeant John Rospond is a decorated law enforcement officer and veteran. He began his career in law enforcement with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 working in the Protective Services Division. In 2005, Sergeant Rospond was transferred to the Emergency Services Section as a K9 Handler. In 2007, Sergeant Rospond returned back to the Protective Services Division and was assigned as a Corporal in 2014. His current duties include supervising Access Control of the Morris County Administration and Records Building, as well as being a Division Training Officer, an active shooter instructor, and a Master of Arts in Justice Studies in 2016.

After being hired by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in 2005 he successfully completed the Basic Police Recruit Class #66, at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy. After the academy, he was assigned to the Protective Services Division for approximately nine years, where he worked in a uniform capacity primarily conducted security within the Courthouse and protected the Superior Court Judges and staff, as well as assisting other police agencies within Morris County with various law enforcement operations. Additionally, he was a member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), New Jersey State Police Marine Unit, and Morris County Sheriff’s Officer Honor Guard.

After his assignment in the Protective Services Division, Sergeant Zienowicz was placed on loan with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Special Enforcement Unit, and later assigned to the New Jersey State Police Opioid Taskforce Trafficking North Unit. In 2020, Sergeant Zienowicz was recalled from his taskforce assignment and reassigned to the Warrants Section. Recently in 2021, he was again placed on loan with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Special Enforcement Unit.

In his free time, Sergeant Zienowicz enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children, along with hunting and fishing.

Sheriff James M. Gannon commented, “Sergeant Zienowicz is a good man and a good leader. He has been involved in some dangerous situations. He has also represented us well and he will bring the Officers up and show them the way.”