Casha Launches Campaign for Congress

Larry Casha

MORRIS COUNTY — Longtime Morris County Republican leader and conservative small businessman Larry Casha has launched his campaign for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.

“It is time we stop accepting the unacceptable! I am tired of liberal politicians, like Mikie Sherrill and some weak Republicans propped up by special interests, that perpetuate a culture in Washington of accepting the unacceptable. Like everyone else, I have had enough of the riots in our streets, the lawlessness at our southern border, forced vaccinations, the cancel culture which attacks our Constitution, out-of-control spending, and the ever-growing federal debt.”

Casha continued, “I have been a leader amongst New Jersey conservatives for over twenty-five years. Mikie Sherrill and the radical California liberals who literally fund her campaigns so that they can put a nickel in her pocket every time they need a buck from New Jersey taxpayers are out of control. I am taking my activism to the next level and putting my name on the ballot to stop the madness. You can count on me to never back down.”

“If my lifelong neighbors in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District want a candidate who will run an aggressive campaign to win and a Congressman that will never forget where he came from, I am their guy,” said Casha.

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New Jersey’s 11th congressional district is a suburban district in northern New Jersey. The district includes portions of Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties; it is centered in Morris County. It is one of the ten most affluent congressional districts in the United States.