Ten Republican Leaders from Largest Morris County Towns Back Tayfun Selen for Congress

Morris County Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen

MORRIS COUNTY — Continuing his momentum heading into the Morris County Republican Committee convention, key Republicans from four of the five largest municipalities among Republican primary voters in the County threw their backing behind Tayfun Selen for Congress. The list includes Mayors of two of the three largest municipalities – Rockaway Mayor Joe Jackson and Jefferson Mayor Eric Wilsusen – as well as Parsippany Councilman Paul Carifi and Republican Chair Lou Valori.

“Last year’s election shows the Democrats are facing real headwinds from the liberal Biden-Pelosi-Sherill agenda in Washington, and New Jersey voters are craving new leadership to provide affordability and get America back on track. Tayfun Selen is the best candidate for Republicans, with a proven conservative record and inspiring life story. I’m proud to support him,” said Parsippany Republican Chairman Lou Valori.

The announcement follows on last week’s major endorsements for Selen of four Republican Morris County Commissioners including Stephen Shaw, Deb Smith, John Krickus, and Kathy DeFillippo. The most recent reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission also show Selen currently leading the pack with the largest cash-on-hand.

“Tayfun’s stopped higher taxes four years in a row by bringing business-smarts to government. That’s what we need in Washington. Less talk, more action, to deliver greater affordability for New Jersey taxpayers,” said Jefferson Township Mayor Eric Wilsusen. “There is no better way to have Republican fighting to keep the American dream alive, than someone who has actually lived it. Democrats are scared of Republicans like Tayfun Selen.”

“I’m excited about the momentum we are creating to build this campaign from the ground-up, unite Republicans, and be in the strongest position to take on Pelosi’s local rubber-stamp in Mikie Sherrill,” added Selen, who serves as the Director of the Morris County Board of Commissioners. “I want to thank the Mayors, council members, and Republican Party officials who are standing with me in this effort. My agenda in Congress will be to stop higher taxes, reduce our debt, enhance strict border security, fight for our Veterans, and hold adversaries like China accountable. I’m looking forward to sharing more announcements in the coming days.”