Two Vehicles Doing Donuts in the Parking Lot Issued Summons


HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Hanover Township Sgt. Anthony Vitanza was dispatched to the area of Bee Meadow Pool for a report of two vehicles doing donuts in the parking lot on January 29.

The vehicle descriptions were provided by the caller and were provided to patrols as a red Camaro and a grey Nissan with a loud exhaust.

Sgt. Vitanza was in the area and observed the two vehicles leaving the area of the pool with their tires covered in snow. Sgt. Vitanza initiated a motor vehicle stop on the red Camaro and then directed the grey Nissan to also pull over however it continued down the street ignoring his commands.

Sgt. Vitanza pulled from behind the Camaro and caught up to the Grey Nissan approximately 30 feet from his original stop. Sgt. Vitanza stepped out of his vehicle and observed the Camaro making an abrupt U-turn and driving away from his location. He radioed to the other patrols in the area and they located the Camaro at a residence on Bee Meadow Parkway.

After a brief investigation, the driver of the Camaro, Mr. Rocco Kowalczyk a 22-year-old from East Hanover was arrested and charged with eluding and was also issued motor vehicle summonses for improper U-turn, failure to signal, and Careless Driving. He was provided with his court date and was released.

The driver of the grey Nissan was identified as Mr. Zachary Szesko, a 19-year-old from Whippany and he was issued motor vehicle summonses for careless driving, improper device, no front plate, tinted windows, refusal to inspect, failure inspect, air pollution, noisy muffler, and unsafe vehicle.