Cabana Endorses Tayfun Selen for Congress

Top Morris County Convention Vote-Getter Doug Cabana Endorses Tayfun Selen

Morris County Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Republican Commissioner Doug Cabana, who received the most votes on Friday night of any candidate at the Morris County Republican convention (390), endorsed Tayfun Selen in the 11th Congressional District. It is the highest-profile endorsement of either remaining candidate following the first-ballot results from Friday night. Selen received the most votes of any candidate for District 11 on the first ballot. Cabana is a long-time resident of Boonton Township.

“I’ve seen up close on the County Board of Commissioners that Tayfun Selen is a hard-working public servant who cares deeply about delivering good government that protects taxpayers,” said Commissioner Cabana. “Coupled with his local government experience as Councilman and Mayor, his impressive background in business, and his one-of-a-kind life story – I believe he’s the best candidate Republicans can put forward to win this seat and get America back on track.”

“Doug Cabana is a trusted and respected voice in Morris County, and his impressive showing at the convention demonstrated that. I’m so proud to have earned his endorsement today,” said Tayfun Selen. “This endorsement adds to the momentum we are building to unify our Party and stop the Pelosi-Sherrill policies that have set us back to Jimmy Carter-like inflation, runaway gas prices, open borders, and policies that are breaking the bank around kitchen tables in New Jersey.”

Selen was the top-vote getter on the first ballot at the convention with 169 votes, followed by Larry Casha (118), Toby Anderson (113), and Paul DeGroot (65). A candidate needs 50% on the first ballot to win the endorsement of the County Republican Party. The second ballot voting will begin Thursday, March 10 via an online vote, and in-person on Friday, March 11 at MCRC headquarters. Only those who cast a ballot on the first round are eligible to vote on the second ballot.

About Morris County Republican Tayfun Selen
Tayfun Selen is a proven fiscal conservative, experienced businessman, and American success story. Selen immigrated from Turkey with a degree in architecture in 1996, pumping gas and working entry-level jobs before earning an MBA and his CPA license. He earned his U.S. citizenship in 2008 and managed major corporate real estate operations with over 100 employees and several hundred-million-dollar budgets. Today, he is an executive with Lincoln Education Corp, which develops good-paying trade skills as an alternative to a liberal arts education. Selen previously served as Chatham Township Mayor, and later filled a vacancy on the Morris County Commission in February 2020. He was selected by his peers in December 2021 to serve as Director of the Morris County Board of Commissioners. To learn more about Tayfun, click here.