Morris Republicans Welcome Former Democratic Chair To The Party


MORRIS COUNTY — The Morris County Republican Committee is pleased to announce that former Morristown Democratic Committee Chair, former Democrat candidate for Morris County Commissioner, and Co-Founder of the Morris County Chapter of the Young Democrats, A.J Oliver, has switched parties and joined the Republican Party. We welcome A.J Oliver with open arms and look forward to working with him to bring better government for all residents of Morris County.

A.J Oliver and Tayfun Selen

This year will show that voters have been burnt out by the woke, extremist, and completely out of touch with reality politics of the far left. Inflation has affected everyday residents and shown the ineptitude of the current administration in Trenton and in Washington. It is encouraging to see former leaders in the Democrat party understanding that their party no longer represents them.

“Our party has consistently shown its commitment to good governance, individual rights, and the rule of law. For too long, the fringe politics of the extreme left have dominated the Democrat Party and pushed well-meaning members and candidates either to the far left or completely out of their party.” said Morris GOP Chairwoman Laura Ali, adding “Aaron has shown his commitment to the individual rights of each person and fought to prevent the needless deaths of unborn children across the county. We couldn’t be happier to include him in our party.”

A.J Oliver made clear the issues currently afflicting moderate Democrats today saying, “There’s much talk about how the Democrat Party has the bandwidth for differing views but my experience has shown this couldn’t be further from the truth. The rabid response from the extreme left to my religious views laid bare the brutal nature of Democratic politics today. Laura has shown just how welcoming the Republican Party can be and has given me hope that there is a place for moderate voters like myself.”

Ali also took the opportunity to make a call for former staffer for Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell (R), Republican candidate for office in Virginia, and current Democrat candidate for Morris County Commissioner, T.C McCourt, to come back home to the Republican Party. “It’s important that we continue to build on the successes we’ve had locally. We hope that T.C understands that there is a place back in the GOP for him and that we would be happy to welcome him back with open arms. His vote in the Republican primary in 2017 showed his unhappiness with Governor Murphy and we don’t blame him.”

For information on how to change affiliation to the Republican Party, please visit where documentation can be provided. For assistance, please call (973) 998-4955 or visit our Parsippany office at 51 Gibraltar Drive, Suite 1D, Morris Plains 07950.