Paul DeGroot Challenges Mikie Sherrill to Series of Debates

Congressional Candidate Paul DeGroot

MORRIS COUNTY — Former Passaic County prosecutor and Republican nominee for
Congress in NJ-11, Paul DeGroot, has challenged Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill to a
series of debates throughout the district as the November general election approaches.

Paul DeGroot:
“Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill votes with Biden and Pelosi 99% of the time. With hard-
working Americans struggling from the pump to the grocery store, it’s time for
accountability. I’m calling on Congresswoman Sherrill to face the voters of New Jersey’s
11th district in a series of debates between her and I as we approach the November
election. Starting in September, I propose one debate, at a minimum, in each county
throughout the 11th.”

“I’m an outsider and former Chief Assistant Prosecutor. I’ve kept violence and gangs off
our streets and put the worst of the worst behind bars. Congresswoman Sherrill
supports a radical government agenda that wants to defund the police and is bringing
economic ruin to communities and families, causing more lawlessness and violence
throughout our state. I support reining in reckless spending that is draining the wallets of
the middle class. Congresswoman Sherrill never met a spending bill she didn’t like.
Voters deserve to hear where we stand on the issues.”