DeGroot: Congresswoman Sherrill Can’t Deliver the SALT

Congressional Candidate Paul DeGroot

MORRIS COUNTY — Paul DeGroot, the bold, tough-as-nails former Passaic County prosecutor and Republican nominee for Congress in NJ-11 is questioning Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill’s ability to deliver on her campaign promises.

Paul DeGroot said “In 2018, then Candidate Mikie Sherrill ran on ensuring uncapped SALT deductions. Now she supports whatever Pelosi tells her to do. Here in the Garden State, we have some of the highest property taxes in the nation. Essex County’s average property tax is $14,084, with the highest towns in Essex County being the newly added to CD11 Millburn & Glen Ridge, with $24,465 & $21,649 average property taxes. Now, Congresswoman Sherrill is either unwilling or unable to uncap the SALT deduction beyond $10k despite the fact that her party is in control and she runs high-dollar ads on being ‘bipartisan.’ Mikie Sherrill is in lockstep with Job Biden and Nancy Pelosi supporting their agenda 99% of the time and going against what’s best for New Jersey 100% of the time.”

“The fact is, CD11 needs somebody representing us in Washington who can get things done. We need somebody who will perfect representation, not the art of the photo op. We need a fighter, not somebody like Congresswoman Sherrill who can’t even commit to a debate. We need somebody who can deliver the SALT.”