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“Over 200 Attend ‘All I Want for Christmas is Freedom’ Event in Honor of Councilman Justin Musella”

The massive crowd enthusiastically applauded Musella’s speech


PARSIPPANY – On the evening of Thursday, December 7, America’s Future (AF) hosted an event at the Village Restaurant, featuring the theme “All I Want for Christmas is Freedom,” honoring Parsippany-Troy Hills Councilman Justin Musella.

The mission of America’s Future, an organization established in 1995 to inspire young individuals to become engaged, respectful, and inquisitive citizens who contribute to the creation of more liberated communities, ultimately fostering fulfillment, dignity, and happiness for everyone.

Assemblyman Christian Barranco, Morris County Republican Chairwoman Laura Ali, and Justin Musella.

Over 200 people attended the event, including Assemblymen Christian Barranco and Brian Bergen, Morris County Surrogate Heather Darling, Morris County Republican Chair Laura Ali, including newly elected 24-year-old Sussex County Commissioner Jack DeGroot and newly elected Dover Councilman Sergio Rodriquez.

“America’s Future is committed to championing a rising generation of liberty-minded leaders in the Garden State and across the Northeast,” said Grant Van Eck, AF-NE Hub Manager.

Van Eck continued, “We give young people like Justin Musella, opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership, and community engagement through a national network and extensive array of programming.”

“Musella is a dedicated Parsippany Councilman, who exemplifies true community empowerment through his commitment to keeping residents informed and engaged in local politics. His passion for public service illuminates the essence of meaningful politics – something to admire and want to emulate. Thank you, Justin,” said Dover Councilman-elect Sergio Rodriguez.

Newly elected Dover Councilman Sergio Rodriquez, Musella, and newly elected Sussex County Commissioner Jack DeGroot.

DeGroot said “Justin is a true patriot who is leading the next generation to actively get involved in government. It is my honor to attend the event hosted by America’s Future, where Justin is rightfully recognized for his well-deserved work in the community.”

The massive crowd enthusiastically applauded Musella’s speech

The highlight of the evening was the honoring of AF Member Justin Musella, a true advocate for AF’s core beliefs.” said Larry Gillheeney, AF-NE Hub Director. “Justin’s dedication to the principles of free markets, limited government, and personal responsibility exemplifies the spirit that drives our community.”

Parsippany resident Dennis Letts with Musella

Parsippany resident Dennis Letts said “Congratulations to my friend, Councilman Justin Musella, on being recognized by “America’s Future” for his bold, principled leadership in the Township of Parsippany. America’s Future is a Washington, DC organization dedicated to supporting young Americans who are driving change in their communities. This prestigious honor is well deserved and for my fellow citizens of Parsippany, change is coming and Justin will undoubtedly lead the way!”

“I had a great time at the dinner honoring my friend, Justin Musella. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you have to admire Justin’s passion and genuine commitment to his constituents,” commented Jonathan Cohen

Morristown’s Ryan Dougherty with Dover Councilman-Elect Sergio Rodriguez

Sam Adofo, the group’s northeast hub coordinator, said the organization strives to empower the next generation “in the liberty movement.”

Dr. Stephen Roman, MD, and Assemblyman Brian Bergen
Joseph Roman, Adam Kandil, and Casey Parikh extend heartfelt congratulations to Justin Musella on his well-deserved recognition.

Musella kicked off the evening with an opening statement: “I cannot thank America’s Future in particular my friends Grant and Sam enough for this award — the significance of which is not lost on me. The question that I would like to answer tonight is, what can we as individuals do to fight for freedom? Individually, we can do a lot—we can educate and persuade those of different beliefs to understand the importance that free markets, limited government, and individual responsibility play. Collectively, we can participate in the political process to support candidates and policies aligned with principles of limited government and individual freedom. The tactical focus is the context of what can be done at the local level to improve our ability to be as free as possible to pursue our objectives.”

Musella with door prize winner Rob Kusant

“We have the power to shape policies that directly impact your lives. Whether it’s decisions made by our own Township Council or School Board, these actions collectively mold the environment in which we live. This has been seen recently with the unprecedented number of people regularly coming to our Council meetings advocating against policies that by and large reward special interests at the expense of the public’s interest. Citizen involvement is crucial to ensuring any policies implemented reflect our values and respect the fundamental rights of individuals,” he continued.

Sergio Rodriguez was joined by Morris County Young Republican Chairman Christopher Paz and Attorney Jonathan Cohen at the event.
Timothy Berrios and John Campbell

Musella continued “If I could ask you to remember one thing it would be that the strength of a town lies in the collective character of its people. The choices we make when nobody is paying attention shape the culture of our communities, influencing future generations and determining the course of our society. It is our responsibility, as guardians of freedom, to remain vigilant, to act with integrity, and to champion individual liberties at every opportunity. Equally as important, is to hold those accountable who get elected on this very message and then betray the trust of their constituents by reneging on these principles. In these divided times we live in however, I believe it’s a commitment to these basic values that can unite all Americans regardless of political affiliation, who all place a very high value on their freedom and their freedom to pursue their path in life.”

America’s Future offers rising generations opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership, and community engagement through our national network and extensive array of programming.

Musella’s family provided unwavering support and cheers during the event, with Greg Lewis, Shana Lewis, Courtney Musella, Angela Musella, Joseph Musella, Beverly Pirone, and Carmine Pirone proudly by his side.
Fernando Villar, Sam Adolpho, Musella, Anthony Miragliotta, Grant Van Eck
The toys collected at the event will find their way into the hands of deserving children through Musella’s generous donations to Parsippany Applebee’s Toys for Tots, Morris County Republican Club Toys for Tots, and Table of Hope

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