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Jim’s Journey: Battling Glioblastoma with Unwavering Courage

Jim Schicke was a Police Officer in Parsippanyvfor over 20 years, dedicating his life to helping others without seeking any praise.


MORRIS COUNTY — On a fateful day in July 2023, the life of Jim Schicke and his family took an unexpected turn. Jim, a loving father, husband, and beloved figure in his community, had been enduring excruciating headaches, leading him to check himself into the ER. Little did he know that this visit would be the start of a challenging journey.

After undergoing numerous tests and a harrowing MRI scan, the medical team revealed devastating news – Jim had five tumors in his brain, one of them as large as a lemon. The battle was about to begin.

Just two days after the shocking diagnosis, Jim faced his first brain surgery, aimed at removing the largest tumor. The skilled surgeon managed to eliminate most of the mass, providing a glimmer of hope to Jim and his family. A sample of the remaining tumors was sent to a pathology lab, revealing a heart-wrenching truth: Jim was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive and formidable brain cancer.

Glioblastoma, often referred to as GBM is notorious for its poor prognosis. It is a relentless adversary, testing the strength and resilience of those who confront it. Jim’s family, however, was determined to view this diagnosis as a detour, not the end of the road. They rallied behind him, standing strong in the face of adversity.

Jim, described by those who know him as funny, outgoing, caring, passionate, and honest, possesses a radiant soul that lights up every room. He is a pillar of strength for his family and a cherished friend to all. Even in this battle, Jim’s positivity, courage, and determination remained unshaken.

After his first surgery, Jim faced a new reality – the loss of his left peripheral vision and the inability to drive. For many, this would have been a major setback, but not for Jim. His unwavering spirit continued to shine brightly. Just before commencing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, his debilitating headaches returned, and he lost his ability to walk.

A second brain surgery became imperative, and on August 9th, 2023, Jim underwent another challenging operation. This time, the surgery left him with limited sensation on the left side of his body. Determined to regain his independence, Jim embarked on a journey of recovery at Kessler Rehabilitation, where he learned to perform essential daily tasks once again.

Six weeks of grueling chemotherapy and radiation followed, but through it all, Jim’s smile persisted. He was enveloped by a sea of love, support, and positivity from family and friends, providing much-needed strength.

Despite their efforts and the clinical trial, the tumors continued to grow, leading to a decline in Jim’s condition. Mobility became a challenge, and he could no longer sit up, walk, eat, or speak. In the quest for a better outcome, the family sought alternative treatments.

Currently, Jim is undergoing new treatments, Avastin and Optune, at a CareOne Rehab facility. The family maintains optimism that these treatments will offer Jim more precious time.

Jim’s family, including his wife Nancy and children Jimmy, Jake, and Jessica, has been his primary source of care and support. They are now preparing to bring Jim home, where he can be surrounded by love as he continues his battle.

Jim, a retired Police Officer with over 20 years of service, dedicated his life to helping others without seeking recognition. Now, his family is seeking help to give him the best fighting chance. The financial burdens of Jim’s treatment and at-home care are overwhelming.

They are reaching out to the community, asking for support to cover the costs of Jim’s care, therapy, and daily needs. Every contribution, no matter the size, is a significant step toward helping Jim in his fight against Glioblastoma.

This is a battle that no one should face alone. Jim’s family remains steadfast in their support, ready to face the challenges ahead with love and determination. They humbly request your assistance in this fight, knowing that together, they can make a profound difference.

As Jim’s journey continues, your positive energy, thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers are cherished and appreciated. The Schicke family is deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community.

Thank you for standing with them as they strive to bring Jim home, where they can be together as a family while he continues his courageous fight.

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