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Sherrill Announces 15 New Projects for Community Enhancement

Includes Whippany River Improvement Initiative Phase 3 (Hanover Township, on behalf of six municipalities)


MORRIS COUNTY — Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) announced the 15 Community Project Funding (CPF) requests she submitted to the House Appropriations Committee for Fiscal Year 2025. If included in next year’s budget, these local projects will create jobs, drive our local economic growth, and improve the quality of life throughout the district and state.

“I am excited to announce the 15 new Community Projects I am submitting this year on behalf of the 11th Congressional District. From public safety to water infrastructure to streetscape improvements and recreational spaces, all of these projects would improve the quality of life and meet the needs of residents without raising local taxes,” said Rep. Sherrill. “I want to thank the local officials for submitting their projects. In Congress, I’ll continue to fight to deliver these funds for our community.” 

Over the past three years, Congresswoman Sherrill has secured over $43 million in federal funding for 39 projects across North Jersey. Just this week, she was honored by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors as the U.S. Representative of the Year for the resources she has brought back to the Garden State.  

Congresswoman Sherrill submitted the following requests for Community Project Funding. Projects will be reviewed by the Appropriations Committee later this year for inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, which must be passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

Whippany River Improvement Initiative Phase 3 (Hanover Township, on behalf of 6 municipalities)Requested Amount: $3,500,000

This project will fund a third phase of the Whippany River Regional Improvement Initiative, which began as an FY23 Community Project that emerged from a discussion on flood issues impacting multiple towns along the Whippany River. This project is a direct result of a collaborative effort by local officials in Hanover Township, East Hanover, Parsippany, and Florham Park. It has been expanded to include Morristown and Morris Plains. Phase 3 will involve more expansive clearing and desnagging of the river and its associated tributaries. Over the past decade, the Whippany River has seen more frequent and intense flooding events posing high-level community risks. The project will provide crucial public benefit by ensuring the river stays on its current course. It does not eventually veer off into inhabited areas, and it limits public and private property losses caused by flooding.

Public Safety & Emergency Response Robot Acquisition (County of Morris)Requested Amount: $700,000

Morris County will purchase new quadrapod public safety robots to respond to hazardous situations. This equipment will allow first responders to gather important information and respond effectively while remaining safe in dangerous situations. Traditional “bomb squad” robots do not have the capabilities of modern technology like these new robots, which have valuable uses in additional public safety areas, including hazardous materials and devices, building collapses, gas leaks, and interactions with individuals in dangerous situations. 

Drew University Forest Preservation (Borough of Madison)Requested Amount: $5,000,000

This funding will assist the Borough of Madison in purchasing and preserving the Drew Forest, which has been at risk of being sold and developed for market-rate residential development. The Forest provides regional environmental and public benefits that would be lost if cleared for development, including 22 acres of public trails, unique educational opportunities, and natural water resources. The Forest captures and purifies approximately 71.5 million gallons of rainfall each year. Its aquifer is a major source of drinking water for 31 municipalities in Morris, Essex, Somerset, and Union County. It provides all the drinking water for Madison, Chatham Borough, Florham Park, and East Hanover. 

Lead Service Line Replacement (Town of Dover)Requested Amount: $2,500,000

The Town of Dover will use this funding to complete the next phase of its “Lead Service Line Replacement” project. Replacing these lines will provide residents with safe and clean drinking water in the most urgent areas that need upgrading. It will also bolster community development in Dover’s most economically vulnerable areas.

Booster Pump Station Enhancement Project (Township of Nutley)Requested Amount: $500,000

The Township will construct a new water booster pump station to ensure residents can access a safe and reliable water supply. These new redundancies will help keep the water supply secure and functioning in emergencies. 

Community Center Improvement Project (Borough of Woodland Park)Requested Amount: $2,000,000

The Borough will fully redevelop the existing Boy’s & Girls Club location to be used as a new, fully functioning community center and better serve the needs of residents. The facility is a vital building mainly composed of storage closets and a mid-size all-purpose room primarily used for community gatherings. While the current space has served many residents, the borough aspires to renovate the facility into a multifaceted learning, creativity, and recreation hub that serves additional needs and residents.

Downtown & Train Station Streetscape Improvements (South Orange Village)Requested Amount: $2,670,000

This project would improve the downtown sidewalks and streetscape to support and strengthen its role as a regional transportation hub for Essex County, promote multimodal transportation, and improve safety, accessibility, and walkability throughout the Transit Village. Upgrades include sidewalk replacement, street furniture, lighting,  raised curbs/platforms, tree wells, bike lanes and bike shelters, and ADA-compliance improvements. The planned improvements also adhere to the Smart Growth principles applied to the various redevelopment projects, adding over 300 residential units within 1⁄4 mile of the train station.

Gilbert Place Stormwater Pump Station (Township of Millburn)Requested Amount: $1,500,000

A sizable portion of the township is subject to flooding from the East and West Branch of the Rahway River. The river’s East and West branches overtop their banks during major storm events. Before the river was breached, several low-lying areas were prone to flooding even during smaller storm events due to poor drainage and lack of pumping capacity. The Township’s current stormwater pump station is grossly undersized and provides limited flood protection. The proposed project will increase the existing pump station’s capacity, upgrade, improve electrical equipment reliability, and provide emergency backup power. The new pump station would provide flood mitigation for major storm events before riverbanks are breached.

Livingston Streetscape Improvements (County of Essex)Requested Amount: $3,400,000

This Essex County project seeks to improve the pedestrian and transit user facilities on the Livingston Avenue roadway between Mount Pleasant Avenue (Route 10) and Northfield Road in Livingston. The proposed improvements will address signage, pedestrian safety, and traffic calming issues. This roadway section has high vehicle traffic speeds, non-ADA compliance, poor pedestrian experience, no bicycle accommodations, and a lack of transit user amenities. The county has identified this as a high priority in their transportation planning goals focused on safety, economic development, and community fabric. This area is frequented by shoppers, students, and residents who currently dodge traffic to access the businesses, houses of worship, schools, and community facilities along this commercial district.

Multi-Agency Shared Service Records & Communications Equipment (North Caldwell, on behalf of 12 police departments)Requested Amount: $5,000,000

This funding will support purchasing equipment and software, allowing 12 police departments in Essex and Passaic counties to integrate their records and communications systems. Currently, these departments use multiple platforms that are not interoperable, creating a barrier to better coordination, real-time data and intelligence sharing, and a more efficient use of emergency dispatch resources. When local governments face pressure to keep property taxes low, looking for opportunities to share services with neighboring towns is necessary. The requested funds will support the upfront systems costs needed for an eventual regional dispatch center, saving taxpayer funds while enhancing law enforcement and first responder capabilities. 

Peckman River Bank Stabilization Project (Township of Little Falls)Requested Amount: $4,000,000

On multiple occasions, flash floods caused severe destruction in many riverbank areas, particularly at river bends. The existing conditions leave the area vulnerable to another severe rain event, particularly regarding lives and property. This area includes Passaic Valley Regional High School, which serves students from Little Falls, Woodland Park, and Totowa. The project includes clearing, grading, and stabilizing efforts to prevent further erosion at seven highly vulnerable locations along the riverbank. By funding this project, the riverbank will be stabilized and less susceptible to flooding and damage for years. 

PFAS Treatment (Montville Township)Requested Amount: $5,000,000

Montville Township Utility Department maintains three wells impacted by new EPA regulations for PFAS chemicals. Given the efficiencies that can be met under a single processing plant, MTUD would treat all three wells affected by this new regulation as a single project. The project will help ensure residents access safe and clean drinking water.

PFAS Remediation and Mitigation Project (Pequannock Township)Requested Amount: $3,800,000

A new water treatment facility will be constructed to remove PFAS contamination from the township’s two primary drinking wells. One was preemptively shut down due to public health concerns about high PFAS contamination above the maximum contaminant levels. This has created greater reliance on expensive bulk water purchases from other water systems to meet demand.

Safety Inspection Enhancement Program (New Jersey State Police)Requested Amount: $400,000

The New Jersey State Police has requested this funding to expand their capacity to inspect state-licensed firearm dealers for compliance with state and federal regulations. State firearm dealer inspections are effective at preventing illegal firearm trafficking before it occurs. Through this project, the NJSP will be able to improve its licensee inspection program, with more inspectors and advanced technology, to ensure that firearms dealers are following safe and responsible standards so firearms are not diverted toward illegal activity.

Special Needs Assistance Technology (Essex County Sheriff’s Office)Requested Amount: $375,000

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department, in collaboration with the Essex County Division of Community Health Services, will provide GPS and voice monitoring technology tailored to the needs of individuals with special needs, providing caregivers with tools to ensure their loved one’s safety and security and offering protection from the dangers of wandering. The wearable devices are paired with a mobile app and web portal for caregivers to track and monitor their loved ones in real time. The program provides GPS monitoring, safety alerts, voice monitoring, and school bus monitoring. The project will enhance the safety and well-being of some of our most vulnerable Essex County residents, specifically youth/young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and adults suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other cognitive disabilities.

Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
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