New Political Party Sets Bold Vision and Agenda for New Jersey

Geared to impact 2020 elections


BOONTON — Local political leaders today announced the formation of the Alliance Party of New Jersey (APNJ), one of 22 state affiliates of the new, fast-growing Alliance Party, to impact 2020 elections as a viable moderate option for voters whose views, values and futures are no longer represented by existing parties.

“We are at a crossroads in American history,” said New Jersey Chair Nick Kumburis. “The two major parties were formed from an archaic power dynamic before women or people of color could vote, and today those parties fail to represent the majority of America. The Alliance Party of New Jersey is bringing everyone to the table from the start, and we believe it is the true future of New Jersey politics.”

APNJ is organizing county-level affiliates as well as recruiting potential candidates for 2019 and 2020 elections. Individuals interested in joining the party and getting involved can click here  to volunteer and sign up to run for office under the Alliance banner.

“I am a proud American immigrant,” said George Tannous, New Jersey vice-chair. “I came to this country for opportunities that would not ever have been possible, including running for office as both a Democrat and Republican. I learned the hard way that neither party represented my core values. The Alliance allows me to be true to my beliefs.”

The result of a merger in October 2018 of like-minded political parties across the country, the national Alliance Party is committed to restore a functioning government to solve problems, work together and move the country forward for all citizens.

“The Alliance is growing fast because of the magnitude of the problems facing our nation and the destructive way our current two-party system leads,” said Kumburis. “We are in a unique place in our history where the majority of American voters believe a new party is needed to fix the broken two-party system. Through civil discourse, open and transparent government and collaborative problem solving, we will propel New Jersey and the nation to be better now and for future generations.”

To review the Alliance Tenets click here. More information about the APNJ is available by clicking here.


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