Boonton High School Lacrosse looking for donations


BOONTON — Boonton Lacrosse is seeking donations to offer a higher quality experience for all their athletes. Your donation is very much appreciated and you will be getting a receipt for your gift. If you cannot donate please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends.

Our young athletes have been working hard to properly represent this great school. Any support is greatly appreciated. Go Bombers!! ONE TEAM-ONE GOAL.

Donations will be used for:
* funding a team building trip by helping provide funds for a bus.
* covering the cost of the team awards banquet for the players
* provide for additional lacrosse nets for more effective practices
* provide sandwiches and drinks to players for the bus ride back after a game that is more than 30 minutes away.
*  provide keepsakes for senior players at the awards banquet

To make a donation click here.