It’s official: The NorthStar Pet Rescue has a new home

It's official. The NorthStar Pet Rescue is officially open.

BOONTON — Boonton Mayor Matthew DiLauri officially cut the ribbon during the Grand Opening Celebration of The NorthStar Pet Rescue located at 117 Washington Street.

NorthStar is a group of passionate volunteers committed to saving these innocent dogs and finding them a new forever home. NorthStar Pet Rescue, founded in October 2017, and although they might be a relatively new name among New Jersey animal rescues, you may recognize some of their from the work they’ve done volunteering with other rescues to help animals over the past decade. NorthStar is 100% dedicated to operating in a safe, transparent, and ethical manner, and to ensuring the best veterinary practices are followed with regards to the care and transport of our animals.

Boonton Mayor Matthew DiLauri cutting the ribbon

NorthStar Pet Rescue has achieved the Bronze certification level from GuideStar, the highest rating available to a new organization!

Support from generous donors is the engine that makes the organization run and allows them to effect positive change and save lives. The costs associated with vetting and transporting a dog are extremely high. They make every attempt to cover the expenses through adoption fees. Like most rescues, NorthStar operates on a stringent budget that leaves little room for unexpected expenses such as veterinary emergencies and dogs with serious medical issues. None of the board members receive a penny in salary, and they have no employees.  All donations goes 100% towards directly helping care for the animals that they rescue.

Tracy McCauley, Sarah Rogaski, Abigail Rogaski holding Petunia, Tammy Probst-Smith, Mayor Matthew DiLauri and Jeff Smith
GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. More than 8 million visitors per year and a network of 200+ partners use GuideStar data to grow support for nonprofits.  NorthStar Pet Rescue is pursuing GuideStar “Silver” status which requires audited financial statements which will available after our first year of operation.

For more information call (973) 658-7001 or click here to visit their website.

Tracy McCauley, hold Elaine; Jeff Smith, Co-Owner; Tammy Probst-Smith, Co-Founder holding Elvin; Assemblyman Anthony Bucco and Susan Smith holding Baroness Zelda.