Letter to the editor: Vote Heather Darling for Morris County Surrogate


parsippany focusDear Editor,

Yesterday a woman knocked on my door and told me that she’s running for Morris County Surrogate. She told me a little bit about herself and then began to talk about her opponent, Heather Darling. The trash coming from this woman’s mouth about Heather Darling was deeply personal and sickening-she sounded completely unhinged.

Researching the candidates, I learned that the woman who is slandering Heather Darling, is an unemployed accounts payable clerk from the travel department of a company. I even found her job description and LinkedIn profile which I have included. In her prior jobs, she has no experience with trusts or estates and she absolutely lied to me about that.  I am sure that if she did so when she knocked on my door, she is also lying about her experience to any Morris County voters she meets. What kind of candidate is that? Surely, Morris County can do better.

Another candidate that is running has yet to say what he plans on doing as Surrogate.  If his past is any guide, the answer is next to nothing. He has little to show for 23 years in the Assembly and has done next to nothing to campaign for the position he is running for.  Worse still, are his comments about slavery and other offensive positions he has taken.  Nominating him means the Democrats will almost assuredly win their first county election in 45 years.  His candidacy will motivate Democrats to come to the polls and imperil other candidates running for office up and down the ballot in November.  As a Republican, I do not believe this is a chance we should risk for either the Surrogate’s seat or the other offices being contested this year.

Heather Darling is running to be a champion for the residents of Morris County, especially senior citizens and those with special needs.  Unlike her opponents, she has a plan for the Surrogate’s office.  She is a constant presence across the county as Freeholder and I believe she will continue to be as Surrogate. When I compare the three candidates running, Heather Darling is by far the best person for the job.  Her ability to stay on message in the face of deeply personal attacks illustrates exactly how good a fit she an office requiring the utmost tact and decorum for the benefit of those needing the services of the Surrogate.

Sharon Dogany
Chester, NJ