Letter to the editor: Heather Darling is the Right Choice for Surrogate

Former Morris County Sheriff Edward Rochford and Heather Darling

parsippany focusDear Editor,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather Darling for over thirty years both on a personal and professional basis.  For fifty-one years I was involved in public service and most recently served as Morris County Sheriff.  Throughout my long career I can honestly say I have never seen a candidate whose qualifications and dedication so perfectly fit the office they are running for.  Morris County residents would be making a wise decision by choosing Heather Darling to be their next Surrogate.

As an attorney, Heather has experience dealing with issues of trusts and estates as well as guardianship matters.  These areas make up the bulk of the work the surrogate’s office handles.  It is important to have a surrogate who has experience in these areas so they don’t need on the job training and can immediately delve deep into the vital work the office performs.  In addition to administrative tasks, the Surrogate is essentially an elected judge, so having someone with a thorough understanding of the relevant areas of the law is important for the continued professional operation of the office.

As Surrogate, Heather Darling will be a champion for Morris County senior citizens and special needs residents.  Heather is running for office to make a difference in the lives of the county’s most vulnerable residents. To do this she wants to improve outreach and ensure those who can receive benefits from the county surrogate are aware of what they are entitled to. Heather is a constant presence in our communities, attending events almost every day and night and will continue to do so as our county surrogate.

Heather has been on the receiving end of an unprecedented smear campaign by one of her opponents. That same person has also smeared my name even though I am not a candidate or even an elected official.   Throughout it all, Heather has held her head high and stayed on message, even when she could have fought back.  Heather is an honest and decent person and doesn’t deserve these attacks. I am proud of Heather and know that she will be able to handle everything that comes before her as Surrogate.

I respectfully ask you to join with me in voting for Heather Darling in the Republican

Primary election on Tuesday, June 4.

Sheriff Edward V. Rochford (Ret.)