A Message from East Hanover Chief of Police: Christopher F. Cannizzo


Dear East Hanover Citizens and Stakeholders:

While we are all unified in our efforts to provide safety and comfort to our families and loved ones during these challenging times, the EHPD would like to remind our residents to be wary of telephone or internet scam artists who would seek to take advantage of our kindness and generosity. We have received reports that there are currently a number of fraudulent schemes where people, particularly the elderly, are being asked to provide cash or gift card numbers in order to assist family members who are “in trouble” and need money for medical treatment or bail bonds for their release from jail. Other popular scams pressure victims for donations to non-existent charitable organizations. It has even been reported that some scammers are being so bold as to knock on their victims’ doors while wearing PPE and face masks and are attempting to gain entry into their homes. If you receive a phone call or email requesting that you send money, credit card, or gift card information to an unknown party or organization, please contact the police department. Additionally, do not open your door to anyone you do not know!

Secondly, there are a number of unlicensed, uninsured contractors currently soliciting business for paving and other contracting work in Morris County. Please be careful about who you hire. Sometimes, these contractors will take a deposit or a partial payment for services and then never perform the work. Other times, they may begin but never finish the work they were hired to perform. Please use only reputable businesses; we are including the link for the Morris County Chamber of Commerce for your convenience or Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce

Please refer to these helpful websites: COVID-19.  and COVID-19 NJ.

Once again, we would like to remind all citizens that the EHPD remains vigilant in our oath to protect the community. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


Christopher F. Cannizzo
Chief of Police