Chimney Rock Restaurant Seeking Approval to Open on Route 10

Chimney Rock Restaurant, Flemington location

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — 750 ROUTE 10 LLC., (dba Chimney Rock Restaurant) has applied to the Hanover Township Planning Board for preliminary and final major site plan and variance approval to construct an approximately 7,655 square foot restaurant, parking spaces, stormwater management improvements, lighting, landscaping, and other related site improvements. (Application No. 19-12-16). The proposed restaurant will be located at
730 and 750 Route 10; Block 8801, Lots 10 and 11.  The current owners of the properties are Block 8801, L10: Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Block 8801, L11: Didit Once Again, LLC.

Current locations of Chimney Rock Restaurants are located in Bound Brook, Gillette, and Flemington. Click here for more information.

Their regular menu consists of Homemade Guac & Chips, Pierogies, House Smoked Chimney Rack Ribs, Crispy Fried Calamari, Pizza, Burgers, House Smoked Beef Brisket, Cedar Planked Salmon, Chop House Steak and well as a Vegan Menu and a Gluten Free Menu. Desserts include Ghirardelli Hot Fudge or Caramel Ice Cream Sundae, Apple Brown Betty, and Molten Chocolate Explosion.

The Hanover location will be open seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., year-round.

The application plans to build a 7,655 square foot restaurant containing a total of 304 seats (274 permanent indoor seats plus 30 seasonal outdoor seats).

Chimney Rock Restaurant will employ roughly 80-100 local residents to fulfill various roles within the organization from dishwasher to full-time management. There will be roughly five full-time management positions with the remaining positions being filled by a mix of full and part-time jobs.

Architect drawing of proposed Chimney Rock Restaurant

The Applicant is requesting the following relief from the Township of Hanover zoning ordinance:
1. Variance to permit a parking area greater than 15,000 square feet to not include 10 foot wide landscaped areas between every bay of parking.
2. Variance to permit a sign area for the south façade of the building of approximately 136 square feet where the maximum permitted sign area is 82.60 square feet.
3. Variance to permit a sign to be located on the roof on the lower level where signs are not permitted to be located on the roof.
4. Variance to permit the LED bulbs through open channel letters of the wall-mounted sign on the South façade side of the building to be exposed.
5. A design waiver to permit the loading space to be located within an access aisle, where such a space is not permitted to be located in an access aisle.
6. A design waiver to permit a loading space that is not striped, where loading spaces are required to be striped on the pavement. The existing lot depth is 185.2 feet, which is a pre-existing non-conforming condition that will remain unchanged. A lot of depth of 200 feet is required.

If you are interested in attending the Planning Board Zoom Meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 25 at 7:00 p.m. click here

If members of the public have questions or wish to participate in the meeting they should contact Kimberly Bongiorno at (973) 428-2461.

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