Statement on Behalf of John Dedolce

QuickChek, 250 Ridgedale Avenue, Cedar Knolls

An Open Letter from Andrew DeLaney Attorney at Law:

I am the attorney for John DeDolce, and have had the opportunity to review the evidence pertaining to an incident that occurred at QuickChek in Cedar Knolls on August 7, 2020 (and which has led to criminal charges and an extensive media campaign against my client).

In having done so, it is clear that the narrative that has developed is directly at odds with the objective facts, and that my client is bearing the cost of being used as a human vehicle for a political agenda operating in contempt of the truth and the fair and traditional pursuit of justice.

During the incident in question, my client was attempting to purchase food and coffee from a self-checkout device. In the course of attempting to do so, an employee closely approached and admonished my client for wearing his mask improperly, and then physically intervened in the purchase of his items, canceling the transaction on the register. In his ensuing frustration, he threw his items on the ground in frustration, but he never threw nor intended to throw coffee at any employee of QuickChek, as is alleged.

The evidence (which will only be further corroborated as we proceed with discovery) shows that the only coffee that got on the employee whatsoever was on the lower part of her body and resulted from incidental splashing, rather than an intentional act of throwing.

In fact, it would have been nearly impossible for the employee to have only gotten coffee in the lower part of her body as she alleges if my client truly intended to cause her bodily injury as she alleges.

My client would like to make it unequivocally clear: He would never intentionally hurt a stranger doing their job, and any suggestion to the contrary is patently false. Notwithstanding these facts, however, my client has been subjected to a campaign of mischaracterization that has painted him as a monster frothing with violent intent, a mischaracterization campaign that has harmed him, his family, his business and his reputation.

In the process, the truth has taken a back seat to create a compelling news media narrative that fits neatly along the fault line of perhaps the most hot button political issue of our current time. Here, the story of an individual tossing food and coffee on the ground in frustration (the story as it actually happened), is far less compelling than the narrative that has sprung up: that of a man so violently opposed to wearing a mask that he resorts to throwing hot coffee at an employee in a deliberate attempt to injure them. As the truth emerges, we fully anticipate that not only will all charges be dismissed, but that my client will be vindicated insofar as the narrative that now portrays him to be a violent monster is based on a complete and total misrepresentation of the facts.

Andrew DeLaney
Attorney at Law

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