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Morris County Commissioners Present 2022 Capital Spending Plan

Highlights Include Expanded Investment in Educational Facilities & Aggressive Roads and Bridges Projects


MORRIS COUNTY — The Morris County Board of County Commissioners unveiled a $67,242,800 million capital spending plan that expands educational programs at the Morris County School of Technology, while aggressively investing in improvements to county roads, intersections, bridges, and culverts.

The board’s Capital Budget Committee, which includes Commissioner Director Stephen H. Shaw, Commissioner Thomas Mastrangelo, and Commissioner Tayfun Selen, outlined the plan during a work session, additionally pointing to funds earmarked for public safety, public health, parks, and improving information technology.

“This capital plan contains $14 million to resurface 25.6 miles of roads in 15 towns, $2.8 million to improve key intersections and dedicates nearly $7 million so that Morris County will continue to lead the state with its bridge and culvert upgrades,” said Commissioner Director Shaw.

“This plan also makes good on the commitment our board made this past summer for a 30 percent expansion of the Morris County Vocational School with a new Career Technical Education Center, as well as an investment in the continuing expansions and improvements at the County College of Morris,” Shaw added.

The 2022 Capital Spending Highlights Include: 

Improving our County Road Network

  • $2.8 in Intersection Upgrades, including:
  • Flanders Netcong Road and Main Street Intersection with Route 206, Mount Olive
  • Boonton Avenue at Taylortown Road, Montville Township
  • Guide Rail Upgrades and Installations throughout the County
  • $14.0 million for roadway resurfacing, including:
  • 2.2 miles of Fairmount Road in Washington Township
  • 2.2 miles of Green Pond Road in Rockaway and Jefferson Townships
  • 2.5 miles of Park Avenue from Columbia Turnpike to Route 124 in Madison, Florham Park, and Morris Township
  • 2.5 miles of Village Road in Harding Township
  • $6.83 million for bridge and culverts projects, including:
  • Dickson’s Mill Road Bridge in Harding Township
  • Pleasant Hill Road Bridge in Mount Olive

Commitment to Education:

  • $25.3 million for the School of Technology’s construction of its new Career Technical Education Center at the County College of Morris and Science Lab upgrades with $18.8 million coming from a State Grant
  • $5.2 million at the County College for facility accessibility upgrades and Academic Complex roof replacementHurd Street Bridge in Mine Hill Township 

Other 2021 Capital Spending Highlights Include:

  • $1.9 million for Information Technology Upgrades and Improvements
  • $1.7 million for the Morris County Park System
  • $4.1 million for 451 new voting machines to comply with new voting laws
  • $1 million for Public Safety Enhancements
  • $550,000 for County Owned Railroad Upgrades
  • $366,000 for Health Management and Mosquito Control

The slide show presented by the Capital Budget Committee may be viewed by clicking here.

The $67.2 million plan reflects a commitment of $36,875,294 million by the county, which will be offset by an anticipated $30,367,506 million in grants.

Morris County government has a massive and diverse inventory of responsibilities, ranging from the Morris County Administration Building in Morristown to Human Services and Law & Public Safety complexes in Morris Township and Parsippany.  The infrastructure includes:

  • 287 miles of county roads in all 39 Morris County municipalities
  • 1,000 bridges and culverts throughout all Morris County municipalities
  • 3 Freight Railroads
  • 1,185 vehicles and or pieces of equipment used by various county agencies
  • 3.3 million square feet of buildings and structures

The County of Morris also is responsible for:

  • Maintaining all trees within county road rights-of-way
  • Facilities required by the Judiciary, Sheriff, Law and Public Safety
  • Mosquito Control services throughout all Morris County
  • 20,197 acres of Parkland
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