Tayfun Selen Selected to Serve as Morris County Commission Director

Morris County Commissioner Director Tayfun Selen

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Republican Chairwoman Laura Marie Ali applauded the Board of Commissioners for its selection of Tayfun Selen (Chatham Township) as Commission Director and John Krickus (Washington Township) as Deputy Director to lead the County in 2022.

“Tayfun Selen and John Krickus will be a dynamic, fiscally conservative leadership team for Morris County government over the next 12 months and will continue to hold the line on taxes, invest in infrastructure, and lead our county’s recovery from the pandemic. They represent the very best of our party,” said Chairwoman Ali. “Tayfun, in particular, has been a part of three straight budgets that avoided property tax increases at the local and county levels.”

Ali said that the 2022 leadership team was unanimously supported at the annual caucus, and Morris County Republican leadership has been integral in making Morris the state’s number one County and the best place to live in all of New Jersey. Last June, major financial rating agencies including Moody’s and S&P Global again awarded their highest-possible “AAA” rating to Morris County, continuing a legacy as one of the best financially-run counties in America. 

Tayfun Selen is a proven fiscal conservative, experienced businessman, and American success story. Selen immigrated from Turkey with a degree in architecture in 1996, pumping gas and working entry-level jobs before earning an MBA and his CPA license. He earned his U.S. citizenship in 2008 and managed major corporate real estate operations leading over 100 employees and several hundred million dollar budgets. Today, he is an executive with a major national vocational school group.

Selen previously served as Chatham Township Mayor, and later filled a vacancy on the Morris County Commission and earned a full-term in 2020.

Tayfun is married with one daughter and has lived in Morris County for the past 23 years, including 19 years in the Chathams.

John Krickus will be starting his third three-year term on the board. He is a member of the Budget Committee producing three straight years of no county tax increase and the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee that has been key to maintaining the County’s AAA finance rating during the pandemic. He also is the liaison to the Morris County Improvement Authority, the County College of Morris and Morris County School of Technology, and the Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development.

Commissioner Krickus served as a Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of Drew University with a BA in Economics and Political Science. He received his MBA from Lehigh University and was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in New Jersey.

Previously, he served on the Washington Township Committee for 12 years, including three years as Mayor. Born and raised in Madison, he now lives in Long Valley with his wife Carolyn.