Public Service Awareness: Phone Scam

Morris County Sheriff James Gannon

MORRIS COUNTY — The Morris County Sheriff’s Office has recently received multiple notifications from members of the public who have been targets of a phone scam.

The phone calls are from the phone number 973-291-2679, and an individual identifying themselves as “Sgt. Joe Caruso from the Morris County Sheriff’s Office”.

Each time the caller informs the victim that they have a “Failure to Appear” warrant(s) and could either turn themself in or pay a fine to avoid jail.

An investigation has revealed the phone number comes back to an address in North Carolina. Return phone calls to the number lead to voice mailbox for a “Sergeant Caruso”. Neither this individual nor the phone number are affiliated with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff James M. Gannon wants to remind you to NEVER provide sensitive personal information, money, or access to your assets to any unknown individual. If you have any questions about this advisement or need further guidance on this matter, please contact the Morris County Sheriff’s Office at (973) 285-6600.