“Build a Bike” for Children of NJ Veterans


MORRIS COUNTY — Project Help is donating six brand new bicycles to children of veterans in North Jersey.  The bikes have frame sizes of 16 and 20 inches, and one more favorable for girls and the other is fine for either gender.  The difference is in the color of the bikes.

Last month, in time for Christmas, the donated bikes went to Operation Sisterhood in Morristown for two female veterans to bring smiles to the faces of their kids.

This time, we are asking all veterans wishing to have a bike, to fill out the form and give us a couple of sentences about how the bikes will be appreciated.  The child can be a son or daughter, grandchild or other direct family or foster member.

If you are selected to receive a bike for your youngster, you will be giving permission to use your child’s image in Social Media and in press releases, along with name and city of residence.

The bikes are Trek valued at over $250.00 each plus a helmet valued at about $50.00.  There is no cost to the recipient, just the requirement of a couple of pictures and a thank you to Project Help as well as proof of having served in the military…military ID or DD214.  The form can be found on the Project Help website by clicking here.

“Build a Bike” is a program spearheaded by Brian Rendine of UnitedEVENTures, LLC and is sponsored by Ogden Technologies.

The event will take place on January 29 at Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, NY.  35 employees of Ogden will participate in building the bikes, under the watchful eye of Jason Zeigler. Owner of Sussex Bike and Sport on Route 23 in Wantage.  All entries must be received via email or postal mail no later than January 25, 2019.  Email to Sandy@mitchellclan.com or mail to Project Help 55 Bank St., Sussex NJ  07461.

To warm them up for the big bike building challenge, there are about 6 high tech games requiring team action.  For example, toss the ping pong ball into a plastic cup, one ball in each cup wins…very high tech.

Sandy Mitchell of Project Help will be there to talk to the employees about the difficulties of veterans as they transition from the military into civilian life and how Project Help can intervene and help make life a bit easier for them.  She is also looking for a couple of people to help bring the bikes back and deliver them to the recipients by the weekend.  Please give a call if you can help that day or on the following days.  If your company would like to host a build a bike day, please contact Sandy at (973) 875-2068.


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