Madison Republicans Urge Voters to Vote By Mail

Most Madison voters have already received their Vote By Mail ballots, and the Madison Republican Committee stands ready to help. Staffing the Republican booth at the Madison Farmers' Market are Madison Republican Committee members Jason Leffler, John Dew, Kathy Dailey and Sue Schreiber

MADISON — Alongside many favorite food vendors and farm stands, the Madison Republican Committee has been engaging shoppers at the Madison Farmers’ Market each Thursday this fall. Members of the committee have been spreading the word to their Madison area neighbors about the voting process for this year’s General Election.

“In Executive Order #177, Governor Murphy has required that New Jersey’s General Election will be conducted through Vote By Mail,” explained Sue Schreiber, who is spearheading the Madison Republican Committee’s voter education effort together with fellow committee member Alison Spatola.

“Registered voters will automatically receive a Vote By Mail ballot for the 2020 General Election,” Ms. Spatola added. “In fact, Madison voters started receiving their Vote By Mail ballots through the US Postal Service on September 25. We have been reaching out to voters at the Farmers’ Market, as well as through mail, e-mail, social media, and telephone, to explain the process so they are ready to cast their vote when the ballot arrives.”

The Madison Republican Committee has also helped many voters learn how to track their ballot and confirm that it has been received and accepted by the New Jersey Division of Elections. “It’s actually very easy to set up an account with the New Jersey Voter Registration System,” said Ms. Schreiber. “For many voters, establishing an account significantly reduces their anxiety about voting by mail. The system allows voters to see their own personal voter data and voting history, so they can check the status to see whether their vote has been counted yet or not.”

“We strongly urge voters to use their Vote By Mail ballots when they arrive,” emphasized Kathy Dailey, chairwoman of the Madison Republican Committee. “On election day, there will be just one polling location available in Madison, the Courtroom at Hartley Dodge Memorial Building. Voters will not be able to vote on machines but instead will be provided with paper provisional ballots. Provisional ballots are the last ballots counted in any election, and the voter error rate is relatively high with provisional ballots, so there is a greater risk of your vote not counting.”

“The very best option for voters in this year’s General Election is to use their Vote By Mail ballots,” Dailey concluded.

The Madison Republican Committee will continue its outreach to voters between now and Election Day. To sign up for the Madison Republican Committee’s email alerts, please visit or email