Letter to the Editor: All Politics are Local


Dear Editor:

All politics are local. I speak from personal experience.

That is why it is so important to look beyond one’s party affiliation and focus not only on the positions the candidates are taking but also on their character. Empathy for others, the willingness to give and keep giving of oneself for the betterment of your community with little to no recognition (if not outright hostility), and the ability to relate to people on a personal level in a respectful manner are essential skills for all politicians but are especially important for those of us who seek office on the local level like the Board of Education and Borough Council.

John Hover’s warm smile and friendly greeting at the Madison Farmer’s Market or a community event make him approachable. His willingness to listen deeply to his constituents is a key asset to our community. His tenure on the Borough Council has been marked by a dedication to the wide variety of families that make up our community from senior citizens to small business owners. His support for the development of affordable housing without the encroachment of the type of large developments we see in other towns helps to keep Madison feeling like a small town while building equitable structures so people from all walks of life can afford to reside and contribute to our community.

Bob Landrigan’s track record of giving of himself to the Madison community can be clearly seen through his time with the Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Bob not only literally saved the lives of Madison residents but served as a mentor to other Corps volunteers. His work as the Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management after Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene is especially important to me. I am originally from New Orleans and experienced the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. When Sandy hit, I was worried Madison would not be able to handle the recovery. Bob’s steady focus on rebuilding and moving forward was a comfort after the storm. Bob has the exact type of experience we need right now; someone who has a strong track record of performing under pressure during a crisis.

When sitting at your dining room table filling out your ballot think about the issues and about who you would be willing to have sit across from you sharing a meal with your family. It is time we move forward with respect for our friends and neighbors. We must elect a public official who gives of themselves tirelessly, respects their constituents and colleagues and have integrity. Hover and Landrigan are the right choices for Madison.

Sarah Fischer