Breakfast With Becchi in Madison

A frequent visitor to Madison, Republican congressional candidate Rosemary Becchi returned again on Friday, October 18 and met Madison voters over coffee. Becchi discussed her commitment to putting "people over politics," lowering taxes, and reducing regulation, and she listened to Madison residents' concerns about Mikie Sherrill's radical voting record. (Photo B. Goodwin)

MADISON — Republican challenger for the NJ CD-11 Congressional seat Rosemary Becchi made a campaign stop in Madison early on Friday, October 16, and enjoyed meeting prospective voters over coffee and breakfast.  Rosemary received a warm welcome from the business establishment’s regular morning customers, who were eager to greet the candidate.

Lower Taxes, Less Regulation
“Like all the customers here this morning, Rosemary is supportive of New Jersey’s small businesses,” commented Mackaella Goodwin, a Republican candidate for Madison Borough Council, who joined Rosemary for breakfast.  “Rosemary has advocated for lower taxes for small businesses throughout her career.  I especially appreciate the work that Rosemary has done with Jersey First, the non-profit organization that she founded to advocate for pro-business policies, policies that will actually make it easier to do business in our state.”

In conversations with fellow diners, Rosemary explained the impact that she has been able to make during her career as a tax lawyer and while she served as tax counsel to the Senate Finance Committee.  “I have been fighting my entire career for lower taxes and less regulation. I’ve worked on important provisions like helping to make the 529 college savings plans what they are today. I not only worked on it while I was in Congress but for many years after I left. I also worked on critical legislation to help retirement savings.”

People Over Politics
“I want to go to Washington because I want to fight for New Jersey families. I think you deserve somebody that will put the people over politics, and that’s not what you have. Two years ago, Mikie Sherrill promised to go to Washington and be a different kind of Democrat. But she hasn’t been. She’s voted with Nancy Pelosi 99 percent of the time. I believe that the people of this district deserve better.”

Responding to diners’ questions about the continuing stringent restrictions on businesses during New Jersey’s response to the pandemic, Rosemary commented that “Businesses are hurting right now.  Mikie Sherrill has not advocated effectively for Morris County, and she is not getting the people of this district the critical help that they need. When the CARES act was initially passed, it did not provide any direct funding at all for Morris County.  That’s very troubling, and it makes you wonder, where do her priorities lie?  Mikie Sherrill’s voting record shows that she votes with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time on very partisan legislation.  And it’s been at the expense of the people of this district.  She has not been focusing on the critical legislation that’s needed to help the people of this district.”

“This district deserves somebody that’s going to roll up their sleeves and get this economy going. We’ve got to find ways to open back up safely and securely. We shouldn’t be locking down our government and businesses like this one, but we should be doing more to get our economy back up and started again. We need to be working toward solutions that can help us move forward beyond this pandemic, toward policies that will open up our economy and provide businesses with the liquidity they need to survive.”

Voters expressed concern with Mikie Sherrill’s apparent allegiance and support for radical leftists like Nancy Pelosi and AOC who advocate for policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.  Rosemary agreed with their concerns and noted that “That’s not what the people of this district want.  As I meet with voters all over this district, you tell me that you do not want someone who will advocate for radical ideas that will destroy your healthcare and destroy your jobs.  You want somebody that will put people over politics.”

Law and Order
When asked about the movement to defund the police, Rosemary was very clear. “We need to protect and support our police.  The people of this district want somebody like me who will fight to keep our families safe and secure.”

Vote By Mail
Suzanne Schreiber, a member of the Madison Republican Committee, was also on hand to remind diners that this year’s election will be a Vote By Mail election for New Jerseyans.  “It is essential that every voter use their Vote By Mail ballot this year.  New Jersey voters will not be able to vote at a machine this year. There will be just one in-person voting location in Madison, and any in-person votes will be provisional ballots only. There will be very few exceptions for visually-impaired persons only.”

“This year, the best way to make sure your vote will count is to use your Vote By Mail ballot.”

You can find more information about this event, the Republican candidates, or the Vote By Mail process at the Madison Republican Committee website