Madison Area YMCA to hold blood drive


MADISON — New Jersey Blood Services will conduct a blood drive from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday, February 22, at the Madison Area YMCA.

The YMCA is located at 111 Kings Road.

While New Jersey Blood Services is asking for help to maintain an adequate supply of all blood types, it especially seeks donations of “O-negative” — the “universal” blood which can be transfused into anyone in an emergency.

According to New Jersey Blood Services, blood products have a short shelf life — from five to 42 days — so constant replenishment is necessary. Each and every day there are patients who depend on the transfusion of red blood cells, platelets and plasma to stay alive. But blood and blood products can’t be manufactured. They can only come from volunteer blood donors who take an hour to attend a blood drive.

For information about donating blood, call 1-800-933-2566 toll-free.


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