Rotary Donates E-Books to Friends of Madison Library


MADISON — The Friends of the Madison Public Library received a grant from the Rotary Club of Madison to cover the purchase of 10 E-book titles from Barnes and Noble for Nook e-readers.

With the closure of the library during the COVID-19 crisis, patrons have increasingly relied on Nook and other digital opportunities to enjoy their book choices.

According to Pam Hogan, President, “The Friends are particularly happy to receive a Rotary award this year especially since our fundraisers were canceled due to the pandemic. Over the years, the Friends have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Rotary, a network of enthusiastic and generous individuals dedicated to serving the needs of the community. The library is grateful for this funding and promises that the funds will be put to good use.”

The Friends of the Madison Public Library is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to the outstanding services provided by the library through volunteer support, supplemental funding for special programs, museum passes and expansion of print and digital collections that it would otherwise be unable to afford through state and local government contributions.